What happened when a slip fielder took the gloves and took the catch of the thrower?

We all know that the cricket game is a gentleman game but at the same time, it is also called as a funny game. But the International Cricket Council (ICC) rules will shock everyone. Recently, the fake fielding rule made everyone surprised and none of the cricketers liked it.

But, this time ICC comes with a new rule. The Queensland cricketer Matthew Renshaw who also played for Australia in Test games, tried to be funny during the fielding but ended up costing 5 penalty runs to his own team.

The scenario took place in the ongoing domestic games in Australia. The Western Australian player played the shot to square leg. Like everyone, the wicket-keeper James Pierson threw one of his gloves on the field. Matthew Renshaw, who stood at slip position, wore the glove to collect the ball from the keeper.

According to the ICC rules, no one should wear the glove apart from the wicket-keeper. So, the onfield umpires handed the penalty runs to Renshaw’s team.

Watch the video here:

Speaking on the same, Matthew Renshaw quoted saying to cricket.com.au that “The glove dropped right next to me so I thought it’d be quite funny to put the glove on and try and take a catch with the glove on. I didn’t really think of the rule at the time, I just thought it’d be quite funny. But the umpires came together and said it was five penalty runs. I know that you’re not supposed to do it, but I thought it was just one of those frowned upon things.”

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